Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The presidential security has stoped responding

Today, 11 of April 2009, according to www.unimedia.info, the case with policemen on the roof helping young protestants to install the flags, was explained by the presidential security. In my opinion it should have been explained by the ministry of internal affairs secretary.
Below is the info from this site:

"After the press has written that the communist government has co-participated at vandalism acts from presidency and parliament, publishing an image with youth supported by policemen, today, April 10, the presidential security explained to the journalists: "The policeman that appears in the photo on the roof of the presidency was there because he was asked to get up by the people". As about the fact that a policeman was filmed while destroying a yard for giving stones to the protestants, the explanation was: "the police could not get a car out of the yard". Where was that car from and why couldn't the car be taken out from the yard although near there was a gate, the presidential security didn't respond."

Friday, April 10, 2009

Said and done

Despite the fact that today there were not so many people in the PMAN (half of them being individuals that are kind of police workers looking for people to be taken to police and beaten with bestiality), the news did not stop coming from all around the country.
The people mass arrest, Romanian journalists expulsion, and local non-governmental mass-media arrest and broadcasting interdiction continues. One very important fact that was today attested is that the central election committee destroyed the copies of the lists needed for investigation of how correct the election was, and the duplicates of this copies are spread through all the country. The main problem is that the mayors that are in possession of these voters lists, are refusing to cooperate in the process of checking, sometimes even denying the access to these lists.

Today, while exploring the internet, i found an interesting fact. The communist survey that was published on 1st of November 2008 in "ComPart" kind of shocked me. The message is stating smth like: "If the election would take place today, communist party would have 60 seats in the parliament (out of 101)". Done. On 5th of april 2009 as result of election, they are getting exactly 60 seats. What a coincidence, isn't it? x)).

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Policemen preparing rocks

It became obvious for the past several days, since the vandal actions began in the capital of Moldova, that it was organized by the governing mafiosi party. This information is spread all over the internet. Nobody have a doubt about this, except the dictators from Chisinau, which are blaming opposition for treason.
Actually this was a well planned action, where communist government destroyed any proof of their illegal activities for the past 8 years. The protestants could not reach the cabinets that are now destroyed and break the vaults. Many doors were opened by key.
Here is one video were the the police is preparing rocks before the manifestation:

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Communist conspiracy

The act of vandalism in which are accused the opposition parties is in fact the brilliant (or maybe not so brilliant) masterpiece of communists that was organized in order to accuse the opposition and take control in the next parliament.
It is not so easy to get to the roof of the parliament without having a set of keys. These keys are not in possession of every second employee. How these guys got to the top of the parliament? Take a closer look to these photos. and you will know.
Now think how easy communist government (or mafiosi clan) can eliminate the opposition liberal parties by accusing them in treason. By the way, this was mentioned many times by the communist part yesterday when there was an urgent discussion with the leaders of the liberals and AMN party, and there was a direct accusation that liberals are in charge for this and will be treated as participants in government overthrow.